Thursday, October 20, 2011

J for Jump

I'm taking all the jumping out of the Zumba routines for the Saturday class.  I'm making it into a low impact Zumba class for seniors and anyone else who wants a gentler dance fitness workout.  I'm looking forward to it.  I have one new routine already but am now wishing I'd picked something else because I had to choose a version with about three edits for bad language, and there's still a section that I just don't like because it grates my ears.  Might try to delete that section myself.  I wonder if anyone will come on Saturday and I wonder how many will and I wonder if it'll gain popularity.  If I can get a steady ten people it would be very nice.

J is for jewelry.  I have blue owl earrings. They cost $1.00.

Zumba was good and not so good tonight.  I got my . last night and it threw me for a loop.  A mean one.  I knew I'd feel better once I started class, and I did, but I felt not so good for a short time too.  My cool down stinks.  Got a great song, but I can't improvise very well.  One night I was feeling the music and I did well with it, but I don't always feel the music.  My poor students.  I gotta fix that cool down for them.

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