Sunday, October 30, 2011

R is for Remnant

Romans 11:5, "It is the same today, for a few of the people of Israel have remained faithful because of God's grace--his undeserved kindness in choosing them."

When Jesus left he told everyone to wait for the promise. About 500 heard him say, wait, tarry, but of those only 120 stayed. The rest had errands or work or something more important to do than wait on the Lord. I suppose it's the same today. Easy to find other things to do instead of pray or study. Sometimes a week goes by and I haven't cracked open my Bible. I wonder, what is wrong with me. I think of God every day. But I need to open my Bible more often. I get my Bible, get the other Bibles in the house (we have four now) and I dig around and get Google involved and spend a couple hours with it. I need to spread it out more and do it more often. I want to be like one of the 120. Steadfast.

Today! I get to use my new unrefined coconut oil with my heating cap. So excited to do it. Yes, indeed, this is the excitement of my day. I've been using the coconut oil for my skin as well and it likes it. Wore my dragonfly Flexi-8 to church this morning and got a compliment on it. I am now a Flexi-8 fan. Also got a compliment from another lady for all the different ways I wear my hair which I thought odd because I wear it with the Ficcare every day the same way. Color me perplexed.

We saw a lady at McDonald's with a braid almost to her knees. My husband commented on its thickness and I punched him in the arm. It was as thick at bottom as it was at top. Color me dubious. I don't know, but I wondered if it was real because it looked like it might be attached at her neck to her real hair and it didn't move right. It looked like it may have been cheap, fake hair. If it was her hair, she dyed it solid jet black from top of her head to the ends. She was around my age.

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