Saturday, October 22, 2011

L for Limpid

I always liked the analogy, "Her eyes were like limpid pools of azure."  My favorite eye color has always been brown though.  My little sister had big blue eyes when she was little and so they were average to me since I saw them every day.  When we moved to El Centro all the Mexicans had brown eyes and I thought they were beautiful.  My husband has brown eyes.  At first I thought the word was "lipid" pools of azure, but that would be disgusting.  Who wants eyes like the chicken fat that was floating in my Campbell's chicken soup today at lunch?  Nobody.

L is for Mr. Limpit, i.e. The Incredible Mr. Limpit, a movie from 1964.  Don Knotts turns into a fish.  I loved that movie.

L is for 'limit' in the song "Take It To The Limit" by the Eagles in 1975.  It climbed to #4 on the Billboard chart.  I was 16.  I remember listening to it like it was yesterday. 

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