Monday, October 10, 2011

I am liking Herman Cain very much. But I think the political machine will only accept Romney or Perry. If the election was today I'd cast my vote for Cain. I don't see how Obama can win again. Even his democrats aren't behind the new jobs bill stimulus. They see how the first stimulus went and there's little chance the new bill will get through. I fail to understand why Obama doesn't let parts of it get through. He's all or nothing to his own detriment. My husband and I are gonna have a big party when Obamacare gets repealed. My health insurance, which Obama promised I could keep, unchanged, went up again. Yeah, thanks for that. Maybe the Supreme Court opinion will be that it's unconstitutional.

I need an attitude readjustment for my Zumba kids class. Half the kids like Zumba, half don't. Usually, as in normally, you only have people signed up for Zumba who want to be there. It's, how do you say, a challenge. And today an older girl, who surely knows better, came to class in socks. You can't do Zumba in socks. It's been announced. P.E. clothes, they know, are required. So I tell her she needs shoes. She says, "I know. I didn't bring them today." Okay, I say. You'll get a minus for today then. She sharpens up and says, "I have softball shoes I could wear." I asked if she'll slip in them. I'm thinking of softball shoes with nubs or cleats on the bottom. She says, "They're in the car." She comes back in regular tennis shoes.

Well, where I come from we call that a L I E. Either you have shoes or you don't, but don't make me stand there and listen to a lame lie. I love Zumba, but I do not like repeating the same things to the same teenagers over and over. That. Is lame.

But then tonight I felt a little sorry for her. She's not doing well in school I gather. I gather she doesn't apply herself. Hmmmm. Who does that remind me of. Me? Unfortunately, that's a big, fat, yes.

I feel behind in Zumba. I'm not ready with a new routine this week because I haven't practiced for two weeks because of company. I'll catch up though. I hope.

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