Wednesday, January 20, 2010


At the dinner table I appeared deep in thought during dessert so my husband asked me what I was thinking.  I started singing from the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp.
We are Si-ya-meeze if you pleeze.  We are Si-ya-meeze if you don't pleeze.
 He said, "Well, that's what I get for asking."

We forgot to take our grooming tools to see the horses so that was a bust.  Nice thing is, picking up after two horses is faster than picking up for three.

It was extremely windy last night and some windy today.

We filled out applications for all three of us to be volunteer site stewards.  It's our son's first filling out of an application.  We go to a meeting later this month and we'll get a site assigned to us and we go out there to check and be sure there's been no illegal digging activity.  It's to preserve the archaeological sites in the area which evidently there are quite a few around here.  Should be interesting.  There are secret paleontological  sites in the area too.  We can't tell anyone where our site is because it's secret! Or rather, it'll be a secret after they assign us a site.  The reason why they're secret is to discourage the public from going out and digging things up to sell or to take home to keep.  The treasures belong to everyone for always and should be left alone.

I'm waiting for a skein of yarn to get here so I can finish my Christmas baby afghan.  I have about 77 rows to go, but I ran out of yarn.  It appears to be too late to be a Christmas afghan now unless it's Christmas 2010.  I will make it a Valentine's Day baby afghan.  I am flexible.

We're into chocolate chip cookies lately.  We thought we finished the second batch, but my husband looked in the cupboard and found two more baggies full!  He's taller than we are.  Wow, we were excited!

What can I say.  It's winter and things are kinda slow around here.

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SchnauzerMom said...

The site steward job sounds interesting. I have some homemade chocolate chip cookies calling my name. I haven't seen Lady and the Tramp in years, wish we had a copy of it.