Monday, January 11, 2010


We spent Sunday day at the ranch.  Son went horseback riding and I watched a movie called "Radio" that was very good.  It was so cold I did no grooming.

Church Sunday night was simply amazing.

The person who hit our truck is a friend of ours and she didn't know she hit anything.  That's why she drove off.  I'm so glad I never spoke an accusatory word.  Her Kia showed damage and they're good people, so their insurance will cover our damages.  Great relief though I feel really bad for the wife.  It was her birthday too.  Bummer!

Baby Bella is so good about putting on her harness.  Today she put her nose right into it.  Poor thing has to suffer me trying to buckle the thing closed though.  Our son had to come help me.  I'm seriously uncoordinated.

I went for a walkety walk jog.  Felt great.  Spring is coming.  Gotta get ready.  Today was 60 degrees and sunny.  Very nice for a change. 

Was so pumped up from church Sunday night that I couldn't sleep most of the night.  Church.  The body of Christ.  The Holy Spirit.

We finally have a new youth pastor and I have a good feeling about him.  He's already had a positive impact on our son.  I hope his reach will be far and wide in the community.  The youth here need desperately it.  I was thrilled to see a large group of teens at evening service and at the altar call.  It's rough being a teenager.  So many here appear directionless.

Doctor's office phoned and the biopsies show no skin cancer.  Well, I didn't expect any cancer, but it's nice to know for sure.


Anonymous said...

Lil, I hope you'll tell your youth pastor what you've posted here. Pastors tend to get discouraged easily and this might give him a welcome lift.

Liliana said...

Okay. I will make sure to remember to tell him about it sometime. Maybe I will wait awhile because right now he's brand new and riding that newness wave. When the time is right I'll tell him for sure.

Jen said...

What a wonderful Sunday you had! That is awesome! Your new youth pastor sounds like such a great thing. It sounds like awesome things are happening at your church! I'm so glad you are feeling better, and that the biopsy came back normal!

Jules said...

Spring can't be coming for you because that would mean Autumn is coming for us and I'm not ready for that! Thankfully, our hottest months are February and March so it won't come too soon.Glad the biopsies were normal. Blessings, Jules

yrautca said...

60 degress? Whoa...I'm envious. I am glad the tests all came out good.

SchnauzerMom said...

I'm glad you got the problem with your truck resolved. Also glad the tests came out good. It was almost 60 degrees here today.