Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Felt well

I petted Bella for the longest time ever today and combed her mane, and I think she liked it.  I need to be able to put my hands on her everywhere and I haven't done everywhere, but I'm getting there.  I felt well when we left the pasture.  I love the smell of horse. 

Son got his braces adjusted which took all of ten minutes.  We can see progress already in only three months.

I shopped.  I bought two cute tops.  I also saw a foxy mama walking in the mall and I was suddenly enveloped by this overwhelming sense of envy.  Completely green envy.  I hate that feeling.  Where did it come from?  I was wearing a polo shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, and hair in a tight bun looking quite frumpy.  That's where it came from.  Ergo, the attack of envy ensued.  I only wore tennis shoes because I knew I'd be shopping in the mall.  The polo shirt - I have no excuse for that part.  I've never been one to dress up to go to the mall, and I only saw her from a sideways glance, but that's all I need to recognize good lookin' when I see it.  She was curvy and casual and even pushing a baby stroller.  Seriously, I never looked like that when I was pushing a stroller. Okay, I concede, kudos to her for getting her cute on.  On the up side, I'm inspired.  I will wear my cute top soon.  I still hate those Ugg kind of boots though.  They're so urban.  So commercial.  So over with or at least, they should be.  I only wear mine at home.  I saw straight leg pants at the mall.  Not again!  Are we doing the '80s all over again?  (Which I guess was doing the '60s over again.)

Other than that, pretty plain day.  Headache came back in afternoon.  I don't know where these headaches are coming from.  I think the hormones are doing something.


busyHSmom said...

Well, if it is any consolation, if I saw you at the mall (in your polo, jeans, and sneakers) I'd be envious!

April said...

I'm in tight bun mode today myself and feel... school marmish. It was just too cold for me to want to wash my hair this morning so up it went. But I usually "dress up" to go out shopping for clothes (as rare as that happens) because I know I'll be looking at myself when trying things on and I don't wanna look like a stern granny looking back at myself.

No straight leg pants for me either unless I wear boots on top of them. I have some fake Uggs that I wear around the house too for warmth. I always thought they were ugly though.

I need to write you an email about hormones, depression, headaches, etc... Soon!

SchnauzerMom said...

I hate dressing up so I never do it, jeans and a sweater for me most of the time. Hope the headache goes away soon.

yrautca said...

If I were you I'd have the headaches checked out by doc.

I like your horse stories. I like horses myself.

Happy new year!

Jen said...

Wow. I stop blogging for a month and a half and come back and you have a horse! How cool is that??!! I highly doubt if you ever look frumpy. I know what you mean though. I remember going to the mall with my hubby, on what was supposed to be a "date" night. I was so tired, and my hair was up in a bun. I just felt like I looked..well....frumpy! We saw someone from high school that we hadn't seen in years. I hid in a store so they wouldn't see me. I laugh about it now, but it amazing how we women can feel so self concious! I hope the hormone headaches stop soon. I will pray about that.

Liliana said...

I am not having headaches for several days now. Yay. No one wants their life defined by headaches. I hope they don't come like that again.

Thank you for praying Jen. It helped a lot.

Go to the doctor, my eye. I'll go if I think I'm dyin', not for a headache! People nowadays - they toot and figure they need to go to the doctor to get it bandaged up.