Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pretty snow

We went to the ranch and there was snow.  Snow!  We saw the wind blowing snow across the road.  Blowing!  It was neato.  As we were driving, my husband commented about how Californians would be bumper to bumper to get a look at this view and sure enough.  At home he saw an article about bumper to bumper traffic backed up with people wanting to see the snow on Mount Baldy (that's in Southern California). 

I was excited to get some photos and reached for my camera . . . I left it at home on the sofa.  What a dope.

Lifted baby Bella's hooves yesterday and my shoulders are sore today, boy howdy.  I hurts good though. I did what Leah recommended which was to hold her front hoof lightly yet firmlly until she stops the pawing motion and stands still.  Holding the hoof of a 600 pound horsie is not that easy for a small woman.  I held it though.  Her back hooves are much easier to do.  Usually I'm a teeny bit afraid doing back hooves, but not with Bella.  So far she stands real well for the back ones.  I didn't get much picking done because first I need to get her used to lifting her feet so she knows what we want her to do.  Manny gave us two rasps today!  For free!  Rasps are like giant metal emery boards that you use to file down their hooves.  Hooves are just like fingernails only tougher.  After she gets her hooves trimmed we will be able to maintain them ourselves by filing them monthly.

Bird sightings.  We saw a bald eagle today.  We saw bright blue bluebirds too.


SchnauzerMom said...

Sounds like a beautiful day. I'm glad you're enjoying your horse, sounds like a lot of work but pleasant work.

Jen said...

It sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying Bella :). That is awesome. And what amazing bird sightings!