Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's a night

A great night too.

Well, the day was okay.  Son didn't go with us so I got to brush Bella for a long time.  She likes it I think.  She never walked away.  Tomorrow I'm taking my whole grooming bucket in the pasture to use the rubber curry on her and hopefully spray her tail with some spray to make it shiny and easy to comb out.  She has some icky stuff on one back leg that I tried to brush out but it's going to need some water.  I wonder if I dare pour a bucket of water on it.  I might try.

She was fussy about lifting her hooves yesterday.  Today she was a bit better but I did it quickly so that I could have a successful finish.  I don't want her to learn to be difficult so I held it up for one second which is how long she's good!  Leah told son we must simply hold it till she stops the pawing motion.  We'll try that tomorrow.

Yesterday I fasted and prayed 24 hours.  It was the most effective fasting of my life.  I fasted for our eldest son and for other needs that came to my heart and mind.

This morning an email told me our friend in San Diego who went through chemo and umbilicord stem cell transplant one year ago has been told she needs a bone marrow biopsy because the doctors think the cancer has come back.  She's so young.  She's only 31.  Married with two young children.

The lady who hit our truck still hasn't contacted the insurance company still.  She's called them twice and left a message she says but it's very discouraging to us.  The insurance company calls us every day.  We sure want to get this over with and done.  My husband's going to just go and get it fixed if they don't hurry up.  If it were me I would go to whatever measure necessary to meet my obligation.  I would feel bad otherwise.  I know him.  He won't drive a crushed vehicle for long. 

That reminds me.  I forgot to post the picture of it.  I was going to post it with the title: While I was raking pooh. . .


yrautca said...

Thats a great looking truck. Look how clean the tires are. Sorry to see the dent. My mother used to say that the small losses are God's way to protect you from the big ones. So stay positive.

I am craving being outdoors, being in the Southwest US. I wish I can just retire with a pretty wife to a life of horses and trucks myself.

SchnauzerMom said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, I hope the doctors will be able to do something for her. Poor truck, hope it gets fixed soon.