Friday, January 01, 2010

A glorious day

I made it.  It's the first day of 2010.  It's sunny and windless and cold.  Beautiful and perfect. 

We almost had an incident with our baby horse yesterday.  You're not supposed to leave tools or things on the ground because though it seems like they'll just step over them, horses don't always.  They spook easily and can injure themselves seriously. 

We bought a foal feeder to put a special grain in for Bella to eat.  It has a little grate so you can keep bigger horse mouths out of it - like Mama Nike's mouth for instance.  Nike eats everything.

The foal feeder was on the ground and Bella got her foot stuck in it.  My husband turned it so she could get her foot out and she was freed.  She did not spook or get upset and thank goodness my husband was there and he reacted instantly.  Could have been an incident, but wasn't!  Poor Bella has green owners and we have much to learn.  Bella has an amazing good disposition.  I am sure now the Leah knew what she was doing when she picked this baby to give to us.  The other filly who is one year old, yesterday I saw her run and her leg barely brushed a branch that was on the ground and she was prancing and dancing like a rattlesnake might be on the ground.  What a difference in personalities.  Whew.

I was looking at the horses across the street and their dirt looks so nice.  Nice dirt, I said to my husband.  They plow it and it looks very neat and there are no poohs.  Do they have a plow that also picks up manure or do they pick up and then plow? I don't know, but I know it looks nice.  Our field needs a lot of work.  In another week we will have all the manure picked up.  We have quite a pile of trash and manure and even an old sofa from the shelter that we will haul to the dump eventually.  I don't think the horses will be lying down on a sofa anytime soon.  I would like to transform our field if I can.  If we can.  A little at a time will make a difference.

Derm appointment went well.  I have a scab on my nose now.  The doc shaved off a little thing called a fibrous papule.  My husband never even noticed it and it wasn't too bad, but just being there was bad in my opinion.  I don't need extra bumps on my face thank you very much.  She also removed a terrible, huge blackhead I've had on my back shoulder since I was 18.  I finally figured I would go get it removed too.  I thought she'd have to cut it out, but she only, ugh, squeezed it and also said there was a small cyst.  It's true I could feel a slight bump and I just thought it was because it was so big.  So it's flat now and that's good.  I'm hoping it'll heal and I won't have to feel self-conscious when I wear off the shoulder tops next summer.  She used a numbing shot on it and boy, I could feel her pulling and prodding the skin.  I'm sure glad I didn't have to feel it.  It didn't hurt at all.  I had one last teensy, almost microscopic, dot by my inner eye.  It felt like a piece of sand and it appeared suddenly one morning.  I was worried it might be connected somehow to the bump on my nose and that's really why I made the appointment.  She looked at it and said it was only a clogged pore.  Yay!  But then she poked around at it with a sharp instrument and I stayed as still as possible (my eye being right there) and man, oh man, my eye started watering and my nose running.  It hurt!  But I wanted it gone and not to get bigger and I have to say, she fixed it.  It didn't bleed a bit.  How she managed that I don't know, and by evening it was gone.  It didn't even get red which surprised me because her picking at it hurt quite a bit.  I could tell she was going as fast as she could.  My hands started to sweat then she said, "That's it.  That's all I'm going to do because of where it's located, but this should take care of it."  She was right.  Lastly she looked at my back for me and said there was one spot that could be basal cell carcinoma and that since I can't see back there she removed it as a precaution.  I think it was just a little freckle.  They'll call me in a week.  I felt great afterward.  Gotta keep up with the body maintenance, moreso when it gets some age on it, just like a car.  I hope the hubcaps don't start falling off and rolling down the freeway next.

I'm reading a new book and enjoying it.  It reminds me a little of the Mitford series books because the story is peppered with biblical principles.  When I read a book like this I carry it in my mind and I get opportunities to apply what I'm reading to my own life.

I was talking with a lady, a friend in the Visitor's Center just the other day.  She made the statement that you create your own world.  She's into Buddhist philosophy.  Per my book, To A Distant Land, it says that we want to believe we can control our own lives, and that humans don't want to be reminded of their sin or that they need God.  It fit the verbal exchange I had with my friend to a tee. In Buddhism there is no forgiveness.  There is no saving grace.  There is no salvation.  They want to believe that you solely are in control of your universe.  Seems a little lonely to me.


SchnauzerMom said...

I think Bella is a very lucky horse. I'm glad the bump on your nose wasn't serious. I'd hate to think that I was in control of my universe, what a mess I would make. Mess things up enough as it is.

Jules said...

Hehe, I think this is the first time I've been quoted! You must have a good doctor. Mine refused to remove a cyst I had near my eye and I had to wait for it to disappear. It took quite a while. But then I have so many bumps and lumps that I'm not sure people noticed one more. Hope you have a Happy New Year, Jules