Friday, January 08, 2010


Someone hit our truck while it was parked and they drove off.  I feel bad all over.


busyHSmom said...

Oh, that stinks!! So sorry. Here's a (((hug))). I just don't get people who won't take responsibility for their actions. When I feel victimized (like when someone broke into our house) I just have to remind myself that God sees all. Someone may think they've "gotten away with it," but they haven't really.

SchnauzerMom said...

How awful, did they do a lot of damage?

yrautca said...

Sorry to hear lil'. Can you drive your horse to work instead?

Liliana said...

Can I drive my horse to work? Yr, you may go straight to your room right now! ;)

BusyHsMom, I have the best news. We found out the wife of one of the rangers did it and she didn't know she hit us and she drove off. The next day we went to their house and looked at their vehicle and the wife *did* hit us. The damage on their vehicle didn't show much at first, but when you really looked you saw it. She hit sheet metal on the truck and that's why we're so crumpled.

Kathryn, it did do a fair amount of damage. 'Tis quite painful to look at! I have pics which I'll upload eventually. The whole back panel of the truck will require replacement I believe. But! Happy dance. Their insurance will pay it.