Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Brutal headache.  Got it while I was making my calendar and it's been with me ever since.  I made brownies after dinner and just now ate one.  My husband said it will help.  Now we're going to watch an episode of Seinfeld which always makes me laugh, then I'm going to bed.

Tomorrow braces get adjusted.  I hope to go to the mall because I want some cute new tops.  I will happily settle for even one single cute top.

My library book came in.  I'm starting "Lyons On Horses."  Lyons is a well known horse trainer.  I need any horse info I can get.  Today I put Bella's harness on her correctly and I took it off.  She's real good about wearing it so the practice was strictly for me.  You stand on the horse's left side by her neck, facing forward and then you put it over her nose and buckle it.  What would I do without YouTube!

I told son no more keeping treats in his pocket because it was making the horses get mouthy and I've read in several places that bites are often preceded by snack feeding.  No more snacks, said I.  I don't wanna chance it.  A hand fed snack when we leave is okay, but not in your pocket while we're in the pasture.

We saw Bella lying down in the hay while her mama was eating.  It was neat!  We shoveled seven wheel barrows of manure.  We didn't go yesterday on account of I had to go to town to work on my calendar.

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SchnauzerMom said...

Hope your headache clears up soon. Wow, that's a lot of manure!