Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Small one

This is an old snapshot (before digital!) of my hair eight years ago in 2000, age 40. I had plenty of silvers so I had my hair heavily, let's say that again, "heavily" highlighted. This was part of my journey of maturation whereby I finally quit the highlighting and ended up keeping the silver. Blonde isn't my color although I did have some extra fun as a blonde. Some of us just don't get to be the awesome blondes though. At the time I drove a red convertible of which I kept highly shiny and very clean. One afternoon I was driving down the road and a couple guys, the cute type, were making eyes at me. I pretended I didn't notice but I was so happy! I was convinced it was because of those chin length side pieces the hair stylist gave me.

Had to severely crop this here photo on account of I'm wearing a hootchie mama top and I don't want to distress your delicate little eyes. Haha!

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