Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fullness of life

This is the first week of our vacation time off of homeschooling. It's pretty good.

My mom sent out the genealogy book and I got mine yesterday. It's the culmination of years of work and research she's done. Really amazing. She got stories from all my aunts and my uncle. She got info all the way back to Ireland in the 1800s. I read the whole thing before I phoned her. I was glued to the sofa. I didn't realize she was testing me but I think she didn't believe I'd read the whole thing and I answered every single question she had correctly. Hehe! I cried twice as I read it and laughed out loud too. I had to wait to phone her so I wouldn't get choked up on the phone.

Went to Cruces yesterday and spent, whaaat?, $60.00, on thread and a rotary cutter and practice fabric to start my quilt. I got a kit from Blackberry Quilts. What did I do then? I left the store and left my INSTRUCTIONS inside. Realized what I'd done at about 8:00pm that night. I wrote Blackberry and I'm hoping she can email me the instructions.

I found a super outstanding page that lists important people in the bible and the story about them and what they did. I'm leading my family in a study about Stephen and I googled and found this page. Gasp! I just tried to link to it and it's gone. Eeek. Horror of horrors. And I was going to use it as a curriculum! I hope it's just a momentary glitch!

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