Saturday, August 23, 2008


I am tired of making subject titles.

I am joyful. My dad called me from the hospital tonight to tell me how good he feels. He's had a good day. I am not far wrong to say he's living on borrowed time now. And praise to the Lord, my husband spoke with my dad on the phone, a lively, happy conversation, and I am overfilled with, with, with, something for which there are no words for right now. They have not spoken to one another for years. I waver between faintness before the Lord and strong power. He is used to that with us probably.

He went to the doctor's office for arrhythmia on Tuesday and was sent directly to the hospital when his pacemaker began shocking him over and over about 15 times.

Yesterday they went in with a tiny catheter to fix his heart but they couldn't get to the part of the heart where the problem is, so the ablation was not done. An ablation is when they deaden the nerves in an area of the heart where the problem pulses are coming from. They said he'd have to stay in the hospital until they can do another surgery that would entail an ablation over a larger part of the heart thus rendering him 100% dependent upon his pacemaker. The up side being that he wouldn't have to take heart medication anymore. But after the unsuccessful surgery they started him on Sotalol and he's been doing surprisingly well. So with that, who knows...maybe another surgery will not be necessary. My agnostic dad says it's a miracle. He has people all over the country praying for him and sometimes he leans to the atheist side. Looking death eye to eye changes things though. Truly, I have seen the hand of God at work this week.

Collette, she cracked me up, asked for more, more, more pics. Haha! I have only a few, the ones my mum emailed me. This is one of them. I performed this night with a borrowed ghawazee coat which is more modest but my husband took this one of me at home afterwards. I'm sad we didn't get photos of the event. I do know someone took my photo though because I had a moment, this great moment, where I was twirling with my hands outstretched to the sky. Sounds dramatic but it was the choreography. It was night and I could see the stars. We were on an outside stage at a restaurant. And as my face was turned upward toward the heavens someone's flash went off in my face. It burned the moment into my memory banks! I felt a oneness with everything.

Oneness with everything.

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

That is in Luke 6:38!

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