Thursday, August 07, 2008

A day

It's a mighty hunter deep in the Amazon forest ready to pounce upon his prey! Or a cat in a tree in our friend's backyard. He started acting so goofy when I started taking his picture. He liked the attention and acted like he was seriously doing something or going somewhere. He wasn't going anywhere and he wasn't doing anything. Not a thing.

Our son today said he wants to go to church. It's the third week in a row he's said that so I think I will check around and look for a Bible study at another church. We do go on Sundays but I guess he wants more. I could use a good Bible study. My church has a ladies group but they study a chosen book and talk about mother and woman things. I'm not especially interested in a protracted discussion on those topics.

The private school where we enroll our son is opening this week. We're not enrolled yet because we're taking August 15 to September 15 off from studies, but I received a nice compliment from a lady who will be teaching there. I want to enroll our son in science and she'll be teaching it. She knows our son very well because he spends sooo much time at their house. She said he should not go into sixth grade science, but seventh or eighth grade science instead. I have to admit I felt well about that since he's technically entering sixth grade. I like a school that will fit the child rather than forcing the child to fit it.

If I may complain for a moment? I was pleased about what the teacher said and shared it with someone who's supposed to be close to me. And she said, "Was he tested?" I said, "No." This was said to imply that the teacher's opinion is of no import and the compliment was not worth much. I was moved up a grade in fifth grade (in language arts only) and I wasn't tested. If teachers know a student, why test? Tests are for an unknown quantity. Testing is done when teachers and administrators have no idea who a child is or what he knows. So narrow minded are some people. I prefer the Socratic method for this age. The plain 'yes' or 'no', 'right' or 'wrong' question and answer method is so dull. No wonder children and youth begin to hate school. If they get too many wrong answers they're labeled dumb and given enough time, even think of themselves as stupid or slow. Breaks my heart and makes me angry. She never did say it was nice of the teacher to say. That's all I was saying. It was nice to get a compliment. Some peeps are so, what, competitive, or so against homeschooling? I don't understand it.

My husband took me today to look at caterpillars crossing the road. It was...interesting. We got out of the truck and inspected them. Most were going one direction, but one was crossing the street in the opposite direction.

My father is well tonight. He cooked himself a breakfast which he hasn't done for a month. My daughter-in-law has gestational diabetes though. I have to phone my son and tell him, "Do not buy and do not eat cookies in front of her." Poor thing.

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