Friday, August 15, 2008

Fifth grade done

Here I am, Lord. I've finished teaching fifth grade. I hope I did it all right. I hope I didn't miss anything super important. I'm not just teaching subjects, I'm rearing up a boy who will one day be a man among men; be head of a household. I've taught him all that I can think of to build strong character. It's an ongoing process as you know and it takes time. I'm training him up and educating him about reproduction and I pray, Lord, that I leave a legacy You are proud of. I talk to him frankly about sex, drugs, rock and roll and ruination. He is a young man of God, I know that already, Jehovah. I see it. I sense it in him. I didn't do it quite on purpose but I did have purpose and I know it was Your plan. Thank you for calling me out of the darkness and into the Light. Sorry I took so long.

I say this not because You need to hear it but because I need to say it. Where did I hear that from? Oh yes, my book from Keri.

Please guide me, Lord. Please let me honor You in all I do. Help me be sharp for sixth grade, keep me from getting lazy. Thank-you for this life which I don't deserve. Help me develop that which is within him. Help me train him to recognize and to curb his negative tendencies. Where is he going, Lord? I would like to know. Help me strengthen him for the difficult times that are coming. I don't know what they are, but they come to all in one form or another. Please help me prepare him rightly. I am listening, Lord. I am listening.

I am listening with all my heart. Help me because I cannot do it without You.


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