Monday, August 11, 2008


Ahhhh yes. Every once in awhile I am reminded of the difference between empathy and sympathy. Being well, it is not extremely hard to have sympathy for others. But after being sick my comprehension of empathy soars.

I lost a little weight but most unfortunately for me it is from my bum. I need my bum and I don't need it to be any smaller. What about my waistline? That's where I want to whittle an inch or two off. In ratio, my waist appears exactly the same to me. Actually, I did notice my pants seemed big around the waist this morning, but I definitely don't look any better. I think when ladies get older, we need those extra pounds even though they're jiggly and not firm anymore. Look at Madonna. She supposedly in shape but she hasn't got a maternal shape at all. I wouldn't want to look like that. I want to be a cuddly, shapely Mamma. The celebrities. They always go for too much of everything.

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