Thursday, August 28, 2008


This is my hair short. Actually it was originally that style that is one inch spikes all the way around. Remember that hair style? I only got it once because I'm just not the kind of woman who goes to a stylist regularly. Too bad I didn't get a picture of it huh, but I was a little busy at the time. This is a few months later after it had been growing out. I'm pretty sure this was 1999 so the previous photo must have been in 2000. I had gotten a terrible hair cut during my pregnancy. I cried and cried after what a rotten girl did to my hair. Finally I chopped it all off. I don't think I ever will again because short hair just doesn't look great on me.

We enjoyed a spectacular lightning show tonight. And as we sat a roadrunner came by. He took a good sand bath for a minute then walked right by me as I sat in my chair. Ten minutes later a second roadrunner came by and took a sand bath in the exact same place, but he walked off in a different direction instead of walking by me.

I worked in the Visitor's Center with my husband today. I did an overcharge and had to void it. I wanted to clunk the visitor over the head, but we volunteers aren't allowed to do that. I said, "Four nights will be eight times four and that's $32.00" Guy says yes. Just a nanosecond after I hit the register key he says "No, three nights." Why I oughta.

At least the lightning show and the roadrunners made up for it.

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