Sunday, August 31, 2008

14 issues

And adding a link to an article at about how the selection of Palin has energized and electrified the Republican base. I am one of those! Before her selection as V.P. I really didn't care much about the election. How I'd love to see her in person! Two statements I disagree with in the article are "I can tell you that this pick tells millions in the base of the party that they can trust McCain. More specifically that they can trust him with Supreme Court picks and other key appoitments" [sic] Nah, I don't see that. Truth is, the vice prez does pretty much nothing. The thing about Palin being selected that's important is that she's entered a bigger stage. No one knows yet how she'll show in the next couple months, but if she does well it opens opportunity for her in the future, and that's exciting. All depends, doesn't it?

She grew up Pentecostal and is now (this is a new word-of-the-day for me) a post-denominationalist. Glory to God!

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