Monday, September 24, 2007

New. Pink. Gloves.

I have new Playtex dishwashing gloves and they're bright pink! I like them a lot. They're much prettier than yellow which is the color Playtex gloves usually are. They used to be dark blue. But then again, I think the dark blue might be the heavy duty style. Pink is good. I like purple, but I wouldn't want purple because those remind me of the hospital and I don't want to think about the hospital when I'm doing dishes. Pink makes me almost happy to do dishes!

I bought a new top today. It's by L.E.I. and it's one of those kind that looks like you're wearing a long sleeved tee shirt underneath the short sleeved tee shirt, but really it's only one shirt. It's a two in one. Can't believe I found something semi-cute right here in town.