Sunday, September 02, 2007

I have a heat headache

We worked today from 2pm to 6pm and I wore a hat and got to stand in the shade of a tree quite a bit but I still got a headache afterwards. It always comes after I come in from the sun. I guess I've turned into a sun wimp. I almost got one yesterday (we worked 9-12) but I didn't, so I thought today I would fare well also. Didn't. My feets hurt and I'm sticky and I took Excedrin at 6:00pm and I just took a Tylenol PM now. Tylenol PM makes me sleep and I would like to sleep to escape this headache.

Husband bought us Taco Bell after work. I discovered that I like their tostadas.

I had fun directing traffic today. If they had a receipt already, I'd say "Nine two (September 2) - Go on through! Stay to your right! Thaaaank-YOU." And people smiled. And if they had a yearly pass I'd turn my arm in a big clock circle and direct them to the right lane. I had a couple people try to rip me off. Yeah, baby. I ran after one of 'em, told him he has to get in the lane I was directing him to, and buy a day pass. Shoot, he was trying to drive through the entrance and not pay! Can you believe it? He pretended he didn't know what I was talking about but we both knew what he was trying to do. And was he trying to kill me? After running to catch him I got a little light headed walking back to do my traffic directing. I hoped I wouldn't have to run after anyone else. I got him though and I felt good about that. The first time it happened a guy did get clean through and I was hoppin' mad. Told my husband I need a pen and paper to take down the license number of the next driver who tries to rip me off. I can pass the info on to a ranger who will charge them the fee plus a fine if they find him. Sure enough, a guy in a silver car ignored me. He got to the entrance, tried to drive straight through, and was real nasty to the cashier.

Well check this out, it was not his day. All he had to do was pay five bucks, but while he was being hateful, he noticed a sheriff's car sitting just inside the entrance. Silver car driver was suddenly strangely afraid to drive on through and cashier had time to call the rangers. It's howdy-doody time now. Turns out the driver had no license, was driving a stolen car, and had a runaway girl in the car with him. It was a sorry sight seeing them sitting on the curb for 45 minutes. I felt like crying for a bit, said a prayer for them. She had only a bikini bottom on and a shirt and had a real cute figure. Turned out the car was stolen from her own mama and she stole a hundred dollars from home too. Guys were all covered with tats and wearing the big baggy clothes. Souls lost in a lost world. It's an ugly thing - a spider's web. I hope so much it'll change for them.

I had only one lady get nasty with me and it was yesterday. I asked to see her receipt and she was mean. She looked to be about my age too. What's the point of being nasty when all you have to do is show your receipt? I didn't let her git me down though. I said thank-you and waved her through. Guess she was in a hurry to have fun.

Hey, my headache feels a little better.