Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A new computer!

We're getting a new Dell desktop! My husband ordered it and I didn't even know. I was jumping for joy in the trailer and we were rocking like a ship on the high seas! Not really, but I wanted to use a simile from grammar today. But I was jumping up and down!

The homeschooling seems to be taking more out of me this year. I don't mind, but I am tired at night and busier during the daytime.

Tonight I was consumed by a nine page article about the Little Rock Nine. There's an article at Vanity Fair called "Through a Lens, Darkly" and I read all of it. There's a photo slideshow at the end. The article contains far more details about it than I've ever read before.

How about that Harvest Moon tonight!?

This morning is the first day in three weeks I woke up and my body was not sore anywhere. Yay! I'm getting this old bod in shape. I have a bit of extra weight about the middle. Hmmm. Popcorn at night is probably not helping. Tonight we ate popcorn and watched Treasure Island by Walt Disney. We are enamoured of the old movies. I think they teach excellent lessons about people. Last night we watched 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Poor Captain Nemo. He was a brainiac, but consumed by hatred. (A comma belongs after a conjunction such as and, or, but. I was never sure about it, but as of last week I am sure. I learned it our fifth grade grammer lesson.) They just don't make movies like they used to.

Son drank milk with his lunch today. I have always liked milk. No, I love milk. There's nothing better than to gulp down ice cold milk with your dinner, or with a brownie, or a Hostess cupcake. When I was a child we only got one Dixie cup full of milk and no more. My sister and I would fight over which cup was filled the highest and who got the pink paper cup. My mom had to fill them with scientific precision or all manners of trouble broke out. At Dad's house we could have as much milk as we wanted. What luxury. When I was six I used to think if I took a drink, then ignored my milk, a fairy might come and refill my cup. I would imagine it was fuller than it was before! Yeah, I can psyche myself out. Well, my son is not crazy about milk. What is up with that? I think he has plenty so it's not special. Usually I tell him he's gotta have some milk with lunch and he complains and frets about drinking it - which is misery. So I quit telling him and instead today I asked him if he wanted some. He said yes. Kids. Well, kid. He makes me crazy.

My new dancewear is not scheduled for delivery till Friday. I need it tomorrow. Boo.

At the bellydance class Tuesday night I had a good time. It was not so much a class as it was a group of women practicing for the upcoming Renaissance Faire. Their choreography was great fun. It was not difficult so I caught on to all except one troublesome count of eight. I was always off for some reason. I had an extra step in it somewhere. A lady was real nice and complimented my hair. I wore it down and pulled it up into a pony. I've realized that people remember me if my hair's down. If it's up, no one remembers me. How do I know? Well. Let me say this about that. I wear my hair up to church. I attended last year from September through March and this year again since end of August. Last Sunday I wore it down. I sit in the same area every week. Same me, same area. One of the musicians came up to me and shook my hand and said he's never seen me before. WHAT! Why I oughta! I should be insulted. But oh well. Such is life. I'm very plain. I already know this. I'm calm.