Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2nd day of fifth grade

Amazingly. A second wonderful day. I have my lesson plans finished for tomorrow too. Whew. Purty good.

Hair compliment! The lady next door said her husband saw my hair down the other day and he was surprised by its length. Sunday she saw me walking back from the showers and said, "Oh, your hair is usually up and I didn't realize, it is long!" And she said, "That's neat!" She asked me how long it's been growing and when I got it cut last. I thought it was very sweet of her.

Belly dance class went well. I think I'll go back but I'm not 100% sure. I'm a little uneasy with driving an hour distance by myself. Husband bought me a cell phone today so I can have my own to call him in case of an emergency. I asked a friend if she wants to go with me next week and she gave me a tentative yes. I miss my first teacher, Aziza, very much. No one I've met is as good of a teacher as she. I fear I will never find such a fine teacher again. The gal who teaches in Cruces, she dances well but it's more like learning dance moves from a friend. Technically, she leaves a lot out. It was wonderful to hear the music and shimmy and shake and be completely feminine.

To clarify the difference in style Aziza used to say, "The Lebanese dancer dances like she really doesn't know what she's got. She so innocent and completely unaware of her effect (on man). In contrast, the Egyptian dancer dances like she knows what she's got. But the Turkish dancer dances like she knows what she's got, and she knows how to use it! Haha! My preference is for Lebanese and Turkish and of course above all, American Tribal Style. Egyptian is just okay to me. I don't like the costuming as much. It's too slick.

The class was small and the studio is brand new. They had mirror tiles! Can you imagine dancing with mirrored tiles on the wall. Hmmm, do I want to look at my right shoulder or my left hip, and in the mirror nothing is aligned. My hips are over here, my head is over there, all distorted. I hope they put in some decent mirrors. She did show us some nice floor moves. I haven't got much floor to practice floor moves on but I'll give it a go. She reminded me that almost everything can be done on your knees just like when you're standing up, so I'm going to add that to my practicing at home. It gives you such strong thighs! Just get on your knees lean backwards slightly, and shimmy and/or do snake arms. You'll see. You get tired fast and it hurts good.

Rode my bike three miles. That was my exercise for the day because my lower back was slightly sore from last night.

Came down with a big headache at 12:30am last night. I didn't get up and take Tylenol PM because I was afraid it'd make me feel sluggish in the morning for school so I hoped it would go away by itself. Sorry I was too, because come morning my temples were raging. My husband, this man whom I do not deserve, drove to the store for Tylenol (daytime kind) for me and then he had to rush for his volunteer job at the Visitor's Center. I made him a PB&J real quick. I didn't think Tylenol would work. I always laughed in the face of Tylenol. But guess what. It worked. It was slow but two hours later I was fine. I was happy because I was able to teach and not be a dullard for my son. I would be such a mess without my husband.

Tomorrow I'm going to ask my husband if I can get some new dance gear.