Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Another day

I just went to FTTS (Face to the Sunshine) and I like to sit here and smile to myself about the things she writes about sometimes.

Today was, meh, just okay. I was disappointed with my son's grade on his history test. Talk to him and he's bright and articulate and a trip to listen to as he relates the events spanning from the American Revolution to the French Revolution, but can I get him to write it down in a cogent paragraph? Please, I'm dyin' here.

Wayne from high school dropped me a line tonight. Get outta town! I'm for reals. Wayne was so cute in junior high and high school. Girls were crazy about him. I think he liked the girls fairly well too. Mwahahaha! I bet he was trouble with a capital T for his parents. In junior high he broke his leg. I think on a minibike or something. And on the first day of school in like seventh grade he wore a brand new, huge, heavy knit pullover sweater. The morning was cool so it was fine but by afternoon temp must have been in the 90s . He was miserable. Why did he wear a big knit sweater? Whattya think he did? He took his sweater off right there in class and there he was in Levis and bare chested. It was math class if memory serves. And he was really cute and all the girls liked him. Like I said, trouble with a capital T!

Once in high school he was talking to me and looking me up and down. There wasn't much to look at but I sure didn't mind him lookin'. He had his arms both up hanging on a tree branch and he was wearing clodhopper shoes. I was looking mostly at his shoes because I remember them so well. Can't remember word one of what he said. Haha! I see him with blue sky behind him just like yesterday. Blue eyes too. High school. Sigh.

My mom wrote me today. A big ol' honkin' email. You have no idea how much she can write. I wanted to poke both my eyes out. Promise to myself, I'm working through this angst and completing it by age 50. I have two years to go. Must get it done. Out of the million words we've exchanged in the past three days she did say one thing that I liked. She said:
You, Liliana, are like an onion, in many layers. Or, to quote Winston Churchill re: Russia, you are "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." You are very complex.
That can't be all bad, right? My husband's daughter said I'm an enigma too. I better get my dictionary out since two people have said it now.

Finally, but finally finished my seed bead peacock earrings. I changed the plain ear wire to these vermeil earring posts and now the earrings really rock. I like the look of ear wires but on me I prefer some coverage for my piercing. Because I've worn such heavy earrings my earring holes are stretched a little. Not ideal. I need some plastic surgery. I need some kind of earring hole lift. I need a few other things lifted too. I'll get it all done at the same time. I have to try to photograph them now. I tried when I first finished them and it was hard to get the shine to show and at the same time get no blur what with the beads being so tiny. It's a challenge to get a photo that depicts them as they really appear.