Thursday, September 13, 2007

5th grade coming down the pike

I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off. No, actually I am accomplishing something. We have a couple more s*x ed discussions and I'll be done with that. The first day we did male and female reproductive organs and body parts and the second day we went over puberty and physical changes and next we went over m*nstr*ation. He'll know more than anyone one else on the playground now, boy howdy I tell ya! Of course we looked up the verse about being fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). Next I'm doing pregnancy; and lastly p*rn*graphy and critical thinking regarding Hollywood, the media; and the seismic cultural changes occurring in the U.S. I did realize as I was talking, how much my school left out about sexuality. I mean, I'm explaining all I should, but I don't want to explain too much, and as I speak I realize...this was never taught to me. I would tell you what I'm meaning exactly but I'd have to change my PG rating to R, so I leave it to your imagination. I told him to write down one question and fold up the paper and give it to me and his question do twins come together.

Our fifth grade curriculum is online on Saturday so I'll have a couple days to review and prepare. I'm a little worried because at my K12 discussion group I read a thread on the topic of grammar. It started out, "Okay, 5th grade grammar is getting harder!!!!!!" (There were that many exclamation points.) Then, it said a bunch of stuff about complements and direct objects and linking verbs, none of which I understood, and it ended with "Help me!" Yeah, I'm scared! Haha!

It was fun opening the five boxes with all our new curriculum. My son was happiest about vocabulary and history. Does my heart good to hear him say, "Oh boy! History!" I have been feeling badly about not finishing fourth grade history and doing even less in science. Today, I was cheered up though because after I picked him up from his science lab class at the private school he said, "You know, I like it there a lot but I learn more in homeschool." Wow. And he wasn't even trying to give me a compliment.

After I picked him up from science lab class, I dropped by Kim's house and picked up a homeschooler's ID card for this county, so we're official.

My hair is doing nicely and I've been hit by consecutive days of prettiness. I don't know why but it is good.