Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last cinnamon roll

I'm eating my last one. They don't carry any cinnamon rolls in town.

Yesterday we drove to the chile capital of the world. That's Hatch, New Mexico. We bought 20 pounds of green chiles and watched them get roasted in a big roaster that looked like a bingo ball roller. Came home and peeled them for two hours, ran outta time, so froze the rest. The freezer is packed full!

Our neighbor just came by and gave me a kitchen towel that she knitted the edges very prettily and it goes on the oven and buttons so it stays. Very cute. She apologized for coming by while I'm in my pajamas but I told her not to worry - I wear my pajamas till late (or till afternoon but I tried not to say that!). She got a job in town because she likes to stay busy.

I hafta to get ready for churcharoo now. Somehow, I can start getting ready on time, but still be late.