Saturday, September 02, 2006


Went shopping! I went to Beauty and the Beads, Books and Borders, and Dillards. And what did I get? Mmmmmm!

I got six tubes of Japanese seed beads: two red hues, two blue, two amethyst. I really wanted purple but I already have amethyst bugles and I have to use 'em. I got a powerful lil' sterling silver magnetic clasp, cranberry color dagger beads and amethyst too. Love dagger beads. I'll use them for the bottom of earrings. I got four Nymo B rolls of thread in white, blue, red, purple. Got some English beading needles and 4mm amethyst cubes. I found the prettiest 4mm Czech beads in blue/purple and also a grey/blue combination. Bought both. They are really pretty.

Got four new bras and they're (WHAT!) feminine and attractive. My favorite one has become a cross between gray and beige and doesn't really hold anything up by now anyway. It's quite disgusting. I should be ashamed of myself. I put it in the trash.

I bought The Beader's Guide to Color which comes highly recommended on on the bead boards. Can't wait to sit down and read. We also got Pat Buchanan's New York Times bestseller State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America

And last but not least I got a new wax warmer by Gigi. My other one broke.

I still need avocado oil but I've been to two stores and struck out at both.

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