Sunday, September 03, 2006

Santa Fe Children's Museum

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The Children's Museum has a lovely little aviary. I spent most of my time in the aviary although it gets a little hot after awhile. They had fewer birds than last year and I saw one baby. They don't have any fancy schmancy birds, just parakeets and finches but it's neat to have them flying freely all about you. The birds are very quiet for awhile then something gets them going, I don't know what, and they'll all start singing and arguing and flying from here to there and back again.

I like taking pics of birds but my camera doesn't do as well as I wish. The new DSLR's are coming out and I'm dying to get one. The DSLR's make you feel like you want to reach out and touch the bird in your photo. But I also love good optical zoom and the new batch of DSLR's have only about 7X. I have 12X right now and cannot go without. I wait patiently...maybe next year.

Bird photos taken 8/30/06.

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