Thursday, September 21, 2006


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We bought these in Las Cruces. We gave one to a ranger who created an official volunteer position for our son, and the other to a lady who trained my in the office. Both of them liked them a lot.

When I used to work, when I was single, I'd buy myself a flower each Monday and keep it on my desk all week. I had my own vase so all I had to buy was the flower, and they'd dress it up with fern, baby's breath and a bow. Didn't cost much and it brightened up my desk and me.

I had an awful naptime nightmare today. I dreamed I had feathers all over my forearms. It was horrible, horrible, I tell you. Don't know how I came up with that idea. The feathers looked like one I picked up last time I picked up a feather. It was perfect and I thought it belonged to a hummingbird. But that doesn't mean I want them all over my forearms. I'm grossing myself out thinking of it. This post must end! Pronto!

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