Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Those weevils

We made chocolate chip cookies last night. I let our son do most of it. As he scooped the flour into the bowl he said, "Mamma, there are some little bugs in this." Whuh! I checked and sure enough, attacked by weevils it was. So we tossed it out and used the brand new package my husband just bought.

Back in the day when I was going to college, I was hungry for a fast lunch that required no advanced preparation. I found some Lucky Charms at the back of the cupboard. Lucky me.I  was surprised they were there considering we had a 16 year old in the house at the time who ate everything. I was so tired of studying and just wanted to kick back and watch t.v. and eat.  I kept my eyes on the telly while I steady shoveled Lucky Charms into my mouth. Instant energy and I didn't miss a single bite. Delicious! I'm so talented. Who doesn't love those little marshmallows?

I finish up my cereal, have a full tummy, and look down at the bowl and what do I see? Drowned weevils floating in the milk. The ones that weren't floating were in my stomach.

Rule of thumb - look at what you eat before you put it in your mouth.

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