Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fringe earrings! Blue.

Finished last night Posted by Picasa

I did several things differently.
1) I added beads to each side of the daggers at the bottom. Interestingly, doing the bottom like this made it easier to get the fringe to hang smoothly.
2) I used bugles in the home row of the header but none in the fringe.
3) I made a linear design in the header.
4) And I like this effect a lot, I added some Czech fire polished beads to the design.

Of course they look a little different hanging from your ear. The photo below is taken outside to show the color in natural light, and shows them hanging down rather than lying down on a piece of paper for a photo op!

I'm so pleased with them. I get my inspiration from mswolflady at Ebay, foxy-momma, and Aunt Jewelry. I'm crazy about Aunt Jewelry's fringe earrings. I think the big ones would be too heavy for my ears. I'll bet I've gazed at these three sites for hours before I finally decided to try making my own. I love the WWW! It gives me the ooomph to try things I never would have tried.

Recently I made a big decision. No more stringing for me. I seem to buy, and buy, and buy beads yet a design I love fails to come to me. I make stuff but it only makes me feel so-so. But talk about seed beads. Seed beads turn me on!

On a down note, I beaded a brown cotton tank top of mine. It turned out real pretty. The beads were bronze, copper, gold and silver. Did ya notice the past tense in that sentence? Yeah, I washed it and now all the beads are silver. Waaaaah! Live and learn. I was concerned about beads falling off but only one did. Easy fix. Didn't imagine the dye would come off of the beads. Back to the drawing board.

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