Saturday, September 30, 2006

Here, not there, not where, but here

Arrived in Tennessee last night, a day sooner than we planned. Question is now, do I blog the next two weeks or not. Generally I don't blog it while I'm here.

I was thinking. Maybe this time I will blog it. But! Do I want to let everyone see me do a blow by blow, slo-mo spin nosedive day by day? Not bloody likely as they say across the pond! But I think I should do something different this year.

Perhaps I will write, and not reread myself. I shall correct no spelling nor rewrite my thoughts as I go along. Stream of consciousness so to speak. I'll reread it all at once when I'm back on home turf in my comfortable place. It will be an experiment! My blog, the Petri dish. I'll watch in amazement and wonder and then pick at it on the last day, make observations, and learn from it.

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