Saturday, September 23, 2006

Distinguish a diary from a journal

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I'm excited because we've started our fourth grade curriculum. God grant me energy and insightfulness to make it interesting to a nine year old, on the go, boy person. So here's an excerpt from lesson one in composition:
What Is a Journal?
A diary is private, meant only for the writer's eyes, while a journal, in some more developed form, is meant for a wider audience. Writers often use their journals to record ideas for subjects they might like to write about in later writing, such as funny bits of conversation, everyday events, descriptions of people they might want to include in stories, and questions they have about the world. It is not a place to write secrets, names of people the student likes or dislikes, or anything of a secretive natures. Your student should feel comfortable sharing anything he writes in his journal.

Now you know what fourth graders know about diary and journal writing!

Our son hates writing. This is going to be huge. I hope it goes well. Last week his handwriting was legible. I didn't tell him though because then he may have written worse just to spite me for the day!

The photo is of southwestern New Mexico. We made a day trip down to Texas, just over the border. Check out all the green. New Mexico has has record breaking rainfall this year. Flooding and the whole bit. Look at the green on those desert hills.

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