Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hedonistic me

Used my Giovanni tonight. My hair is better already. I let it dry most of the way and then made two tight, twisty buns on each side of my head. It'll give me good body in the morning. The two buns look kind of cute too. I can sleep cute tonight!

Had our son measure my hair for the big September 1 measure-in. I'm still 35.5 so that means for the 12 month period of Sep. 2005 to Sep. 2006 I've got a total of 5.5 inches growth.  I wanted six.

I would like to get a little trim. Hmmm, I'd like between 1/4th and 1/2 inch trimmed. The ends are in nice enough condition but I sure do like a sharp hemline. I had a girly girl in front of me at the mall once and she had this diamond sharp, super straight, professional looking hemline. It looked good.

I always meant to write about when I rode my bike with my hair down at Prince Albert National Park in Canada. It was freshly washed and there's this little touristy village with lots of peeps on bicycles. So I was riding along, beautiful breeze, lots of sunshine that day, and my hair is feeling positively lovely on my shoulders and arms. Usually I wear it up so this day was different from most. I glanced down at my shadow on the road and my hair was flowing behind me, undulating in the wind especially on the sides. A fully hedonistic moment, I admit. And that's not all. There was a red convertible driving next to me with a guy and a Miss Trendy Blonde Chick riding in it. The guy looked over at me a few times. The chick looked straight ahead like stone, not once at me. It made my week!

And the other day we were fueling up when I took my hair down real quick just to redo it, but my husband asked me to wash the windshield, so I hurried to do it because I didn't want him to think me a lazy bones grrrl. With my hair still down I saw two, count 'em, two!, men at the gas station look over at me. Not bad for an old broad, I tell ya. Hey, I gotta get my kicks where I can! It made my day. Peripheral vision is very valuable. We women employ it often.

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Anonymous said...

Liliana, I get more sidelong glances from men if I wear it down, too. At my age and state of silver, you would think... Then usually after they get a look at my face, they're done, LOL! — I think men just generally love long hair, even on old ladies like me!

Carla (M.S. from LHC)