Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pantene (I fell off the wagon I guess)

Ran out of my favorite Body Shop Honey Moisturizing Shampoo and condish two weeks ago.

I bought Pantene Pro-V Silver Expressions at the grocery store. I chose it out of the scads of hair products for sale because it says on the bottle 'designed for all shades of silver, white, gray or graying hair.'

Suddenly it all rushed back to me why this stuff is so popular! There's dimethecone in my BSHM products but it doesn't hold a candle to the load of silicones in the Pantene product line. After Pantene my hair dried slick as snot. These cones are amazing. I could have twirled around like the girl in the Pantene commercial and my hair would look just like hers, only with grey, and I'm perimenopausal. The background music would have to be from Psycho.

I quit Pantene a couple years ago fearing it may desiccate my ends. After the Pantene my hair was so amazingly shiny it didn't need a whit of my ususal sandalwood and jojoba oil. What does this portend for the future. I must oil you know. Can not give up the oil. But will my eo work in combination with Pantene? It's not like I have unlimited ends you know. This is it baby. This is the whole tamale. When these ends are gone it's the end of an era.

My belief is that long term blow drying was the culprit for toasting my delicate ends which necessitated a three inch trim last September. And thinking back, when I had my trim I was using Aubrey organics and I realize now my hair just didn't do well with that product. I liked the idea of it being so natch, but fact is my hair didn't look good. Hate to sound all girly, but it was dull, lifeless, limp.

Okay so I washed and conditioned with the Pantene products two weeks ago. Quite exciting since I've been using the same products for ten months solid. Trying to leave as small of a global footprint as a comfortable American can, you know. It turned out so smooth it was as if I had someone else's hair. It stayed nice for the whole week which was a little unusual. Usually by day five I look, uh, not at good as day one, two, three or four. So my next wash I did a scalp wash only for the week instead of a full wash which leads me to note that I threw away those stinkin' Good Hair Days plastic hair pins. Why did I buy those things? Why would anything be better than plain bobby pins like what my grama used a hundred years ago. My Good Hair Days hair bun came undone so I did the scalp wash but all of my hair fell and ended up completely wet. Didn't use my usual vinegar rinse because I didn't want to inadvertently leave residual in the length as I thought I was doing a scalp wash. Today is day four and it looks sorta oily and flat, moreso than last week day four.

I tried water only. I think it might be useable on an occasional basis when my hair is already clean but needs a rinse for sweat or dust. I had a two week window where (pre-Pantene) my hair felt smooth yet unusally weighty, strong. It was weird. Some kind of meeting of the cosmos in my hair I suppose. I wish I could duplicate the feeling.

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