Monday, August 07, 2006

Franklin's ground squirrel

Franklin's ground squirrel Posted by Picasa

He's also called a whistle pig for the sound they make, but I'm going to have to listen for that tomorrow. These fellows are bigger than a red squirrel or a 13-lined squirrel. They're diurnal and have sort of a bar pattern on their coat. We have a few running through our campsite so it's not too hard to get a picture of them. I think they're cute.

I'm fond of rodents as long as they're not in my house. We had some mice in our trailer awhile back. Yes, it happened at Heyburn State Park in Idaho. I may have forgotten to write about it. Quite exciting as you can imagine. We caught not one, not two, but three in our kitchen dishes cupboard. Can you say, disgusting?

Oh, anyone up to coming over for dinner?

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