Thursday, August 10, 2006

We're back!

Waiting to get into Canada Posted by Picasa

We decided to go back to see more of Canada. Stayed in Minnesota one day. It's nice and cool today.

We now have passports which makes going across the border both ways much, much easier. I think even the border patrol agents like passports. But today, we were asked to pull aside and they had us step out of our truck and they searched it.

Two agents went into our trailer and searched it too. They searched inside once before, last year I think, but they had me in there and questioned me about where the food was and I showed him. Of course, we don't mind at all. It's an important job they do. It looked like they were stopping and searching everyone. I took a few pics of them searching the truck, but they said I wasn't allowed to so I deleted them. I scared myself because I don't want to break the law or get in trouble! I deleted them fast!

We're in a campground that has Wi-Fi. Yay!

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