Saturday, October 22, 2005

Aaaugh! No growth! #1 of 4

Aaaugh! No growth! #1 of 4 Posted by Picasa

This is El Paso, Texas hair. We drove here yesterday. And look, I need thickness, I need length. This morning I used my excellent Body Shop Honey Mud Moisturizing Conditioner and I do love it. Air dried my hair which was easy in sunny, warm El Paso. I haven't been blow-drying it at all.

But, I made the most horrifying discovery today. My hair has not grown much. I just trimmed off three inches and looking at the pic here from December of 2004. He-loooow? I see I'm at the same length. Oh my gosh. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO. My world is crashing down around me. [choke, choke]

Okay, it is in good condition. I'll give myself that. And there's two months till the end of 2005. What growing I do, I must to do it in the next 60 days. Sixty-nine days counting the rest of October.

Nuts containing biotin, jojoba oil, squeeze my eyes shut real, real tight, think positive hair growing thoughts. Here I go.

(To see other three photos from "Hair photos" category go to and scroll half way down.)

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