Friday, October 28, 2005

A whirligig

A whirligig Posted by Picasa

We need more plastic pink flamingos and aluminum can whirligigs in the world.

A friendly old guy came to our site and talked with my husband a bit (I was cleaning the kitchen) and gave us this whirligig made out of cans. Said he makes 'em to keep his arthritis at bay.

There was a time when I would have looked upon an aluminum can whirligig with disdain.

When I worked for the City of Redlands Planning department we used to laugh and poke fun at homeowners who planted plastic pink flamingos in their yard. We thought there should be an ordinance making them unlawful. Seriously.

Lately, I've been wanting my own set of plastic pink flamingos to shine in sun next to our synthetic green plastic AstroTurf yard. Aren't green and pink opposite on the color wheel? No, that would be green and purple. Oh well, as long as I'm wishing out loud, I wish I had a matching set of these whirligigs too. Wouldn't that be fine!

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