Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Don't stay at Roadrunner in El Paso

Don't stay at Roadrunner in El Paso Posted by Picasa

If you see this sign, and you're looking for an RV park, Do Not Stop here.

Shower: Four stalls, four different shower heads. Best one looked so old it must have been from 1964, but lots of water comes out. The others - you'll be lucky to rinse off the soap.

Commodes: Verrry bad, not flushed. Smelly.

Counter help: Very nice, really old guy with a nice counter cat.

People in park: Nice travelers on each side of us, but some of the people must be seasonals (that's RV lingo for folks who live full time in one RV park).

During the night four drunk men came home at 4:00am. They were loud. The following evening my husband's daughter and I were having a pleasant chat when we heard a woman's blood curdling scream. My husband was outside and walked toward her and the man approaching her walked away. I think he was going to hurt her. In any case, she was afraid. I believe my husband altered the course of events. He does that without thinking and sometimes it worries me about him. But he does what's right. I can't say don't do it.

Traffic noise: High.

Welp, it's hit and miss sometimes. If yer ever in El Paso, I don't recommend The Roadrunner!

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