Friday, October 14, 2005

One project complete

One project complete Posted by Picasa

A photo of patience and perseverance rewarded.

Last week our eight year old put this little barbeque together. He read the instructions and did it all on his own. Neither of us asked him to do it.

He took out the instructions and the parts and apparently got so frustrated that he set the whole caboodle aside. I told him sometimes we need to let things set in our head to simmer and stew, and night is a perfect time to let things steep for awhile. I read about a study that showed that birds dreamt about the songs they sing at night, and the next day they sing them better. Real useful study, eh? Kind of like spending a million to determine whether dogs see in color or black and white.

Anywho, I complimented him for sleeping on it and trying again the next day. People who quit never get anything done.

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