Sunday, October 30, 2005

A long hair washing technique

I was wasting time on my computer (again) today and found a page that described how to wash long hair so it doesn't tangle so much. I have to start doing this:

For washing, bring your hair to the front before you wet it and leave it there hanging down and keep it there during shampooing. During the washing, try not to move your hair. This keeps the hair strands in position so they won't move upwards and wrap themselves around other strands, resulting in tangles.

I found this on,care&loss.html

In my late 20s I had almost classic length hair but I did diddly squat to take care of it. It just grew all by itself and I didn't appreciate it. I washed it daily, hair sprayed it, and really bossed it around. Heh. Well, now that the glow has faded from the rose I have to work a little harder.

Mrs. G. dropped me a line last week and made me feel much better about my hair when I was feeling at a loss, and feeling better about my hair makes me feel better overall. I have to seriously take good care of it now. No messing around if I want it to be long and to look good. What's the use of long if it's not looking good. No point in that. Oh yeah, and I have to stop thinking about my hair so much.

Starting, uhhh, TOMORROW.

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