Saturday, October 15, 2005

Day 6 hair

Washed Monday. Today's Saturday. Posted by Picasa

Well a year ago I'd have never gone six days without washing. Maybe four, maybe five, but now I've rather grown into it and am actually comfortable with it. Weird, huh. After an initial four months it stopped getting as oily, and it took longer, four days to get oily compared to one or two days. In this pic I was trying to make a bun like I saw on an Indian girl in an oil painting by Georgia O'Keeffe but unfortunately my 'do bears little resemblence to the style I was attempting. On the up side, I do have fewer crazy hairs at the nape of my neck on a day six than I do on a day one or two or three. Shoot, by day five I put shea butter near my scalp because who cares, it's already full of natural oils. So what if I add some to the underneath hairs.

I've been pleased, surprised really, that I can get my hair to lie down nicely and look neat even when it's oily. This is so cool. I feel like a such a pioneer woman. A settler. A bohemian.

Which leads me to note that I bought a new jar of shea nut butter today. I was beginning to freak out because my supply got so low and I never know if I'll come by a good store that has what I want. Sante Fe has a fabuloso natural foods grocery store. There was a plethora of items in the bath and body aisles (that's plural!) to drool over. Rose water, glycerine, Aubrey Organics, ylang-ylang essential oil. But no. I walked in for shea, and I walked out with shea. Yay me! I exercised such self-control.

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