Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still looking

I stayed up way too late looking for the perfect Wordpress theme last night.  I think I should accept the fact that there won't be a perfect one for me. I'll have to look for one with the columns and layout that I want and then download it and fiddle with it.  It's like a pedicure.  I don't get them anymore because I can't find anyone who can do my toes as well as I can, so I just do them myself.

I took the Cuteblogger layout off just now because the flowers were touching my words on the sides.

Kelly brought us some yummy chocolate cake today.  Today was his birthday.  And our neighbor said she made some fresh chocolate cake the other night, but our lights were out at 8:30pm so she didn't bring any over.  I told her from now on she must know that if she has fresh chocolate cake she can knock on my door even if it's 1:00 in the a.m.  She laughed.  We were probably watching a movie because we're never in bed or asleep at 8:30pm.

I keep thinking about horses.  I hardly have enough space in my mind to think all my thoughts.  It's very crowded and I like it.

Overall, I feel generally happy.  I am happy.  And it is good.

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