Sunday, October 18, 2009

Other people and their stories

I found out about this when our son was in the horse show.

There is a lady here in town and she is a horsewoman.  She is the wife of Bill.  She had a beautiful horse.  Well-trained.  She and her horse were so good that they were on a team scheduled to represent the United States for the equestrian events at the summer Olympics.  She didn't do western riding.  She did the fancy kind called dressage (which, by the way, rhymes with massage).  It's very elegant and the riders wear black boots and helmets and coats with a small waist and tails. I like to watch dressage and synchronized swimming.

One day, here in New Mexico before the Olympics, a rattlesnake bit the horse and the horse died.  Her chance and her dreams for the Olympics gone. 

I know someone else.  She's a hard working woman.  One day she was pitching hay.  A spider was in the hay and got into her sock.  It bit her and she nearly lost a foot.  She got skin grafts.  The spider was a brown recluse.  It could have left her with an amputation or it could have killed her.  I've watched her and I've seen an old foot long scar on her leg and a scar on her hand.  More stories there.

And I know a guy who fell down while playing golf.  Broke his back.  What are the chances of that?  He was in a body cast for a long time.  He got all better.  Later on, a fire cracker went off on him and he was hospitalized for burns.  He got all better.  He's a volunteer fireman, but apart from that last week he got an award for life saving at his job.  Saving lives is part of his work. He saves lives while he does everything else.  I almost told him once that I've been in a body cast too.  He's got a heart of gold.  He doesn't take offense and he'll help anybody, and I do mean anybody.  Of all the people I know, he's one I think is definitely going straight to heaven.  Although I will add, I'm sure the LORD would not mind one bit if he could curb his cussin', off color remarks, and visits to Las Vegas.  I was really embarrassed when he made a woody joke once.

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SchnauzerMom said...

There are lots of good stories out there. Makes me wish I was a writer.