Thursday, October 01, 2009

Horse dreams

When I was a teenager one of my cousins was married to a young woman named Debra.  She was pretty.  Pretty on the outside, that is.  Not so much on the inside I would find out years later.  I remember she and my cousin had a list of things she wanted to do.  It was a list of things she hadn't done and wanted to do.  The thing I remember most from her list was to fly a kite.  At the time I thought it quite dorky.  I was 15 and far too composed to partake in any such silly activity.

Now here I am getting to do something I've always wanted to do.  I daren't even dream of it before now.  When I was drawing horses forever and a day in fourth grade, and all the kids in class were bringing me paper, wanting me to draw horse heads for them, I thought that was as close as I'd ever be.

Tomorrow at 4:30pm I get to brush a horse.  The means groom a horse.  Leah will meet me at the ranch!

Today our son lunged Nike for an hour for practice.  Nike is Leah's show horse.  Lunging is when you stand in the center holding a rope that is tied to the horse and the horse runs around you in a circle.  It's good exercise for the horse.  He practiced stopping and starting and setting her feet in the right position for judging. She sneezed on him three times.  We said he had horse boogers on him and we all laughed!  Nike neighed too.  I like that.  It is, I think, sublime.


Avrilon said...

Wow Lil... I drew pictures of horses all the time in the 4th and 5th grade too - especially horse HEADS! I mean ALL THE TIME. I was IN LOVE with horses, most particularly palominos back then. (Now I like painted ponies.) I had glass horse figurines all over my dresser at home and wanted to own one soooo bad.

It sounds like your son is having a good time with Nike, even with the sneezing and horse boogers - lol!

Liliana said...

You drew horses too? I should have known! I think all little girls love horses.