Monday, October 05, 2009

The article

I had to scan it quite a few times to get it right because the article length is longer than an 8.5"x11" piece of paper, but I got 'er done and pieced it together in Photoshop. 

Chuck, the newspaper reporter, did a wonderful job.  We didn't have any expectations for the very nice things he said. We're not sure, but we think it was Leah who called the newspaper. We were bowled over!  I noticed he even included the URL for our curriculum and he noted that it's accredited.  He did that on his own and that was thoughtful.  It says that we work other places, but actually here is the only place where we volunteer.  When we're not here we're just traveling wild and free.  At first I was tiffed that he described being with no tv as a sacrifice, but then he did rather change it around in one of the following paragraphs.  Very artful, I thought.  Because as anyone who knows me knows, I think Satan owns the television waves.  Just last night at our friend's house, when we first arrived the mom was resting on the sofa with the telly on.  You know what was on?  Beautiful, shapely, young, women walking around in skimpy outfits. They were too lacy to be swimsuits. I do not know the purpose of the television program. I'm pretty darn sure they were wearin' panties and bras and gallivanting across a stage though.  So I ask you, should I (I'm 50), she (she's 39), and her daughter (age 11), take off our clothes and walk about the living room area thusly dressed, or undressed I daresay.  Well, cut me a break, then why is it okay to have images of women you don't even know walking almost nekked in your house?  Do ya think the men and boys in the home are made of stone? That wasn't on television when I was growing up!

Anyhoo.  What was I saying?

I just about cried when I read the article about our son.


Jules said...

Sounds to me that you should be proud of your son. And if the reporter got it pretty right, then he did a great job.

busyHSmom said...

I agree with you on TV. We will tolerate a LOT of stuff on that black box that we would never allow in our homes in "real" life!

Psalm 97:10 Ye that love the Lord, hate evil.

We as a society don't hate evil, we turn to it for entertainment.

Psalm 101:3 "I will set no wicked thing before my eye..."

Well, that one is pretty clear!

I found a site one time that had a great list of verses and reasons to avoid TV. I should go back and read over it to renew my thoughts on this issue. It is so easy, after a hard day, to want to unwind in front of the idiot box. Here is the web page:

SchnauzerMom said...

It is very hard to find anything on TV worth looking at. We watch the Food Channel a lot. You should be very proud of your son.

Liliana said...

Hi Jules. Yes, he got it mostly right and I'm not complaining one iota!

BusyhsMom - That is a great web page! I can use that.

SchnauzerMom - I am proud. Thank you. I am proud, and a little embarrassed that I am proud. :) In a good way.

April said...

That's a great article Lil! I know you're proud of your son - as you should be. He's seems so well-rounded and wise for his years. :)

And TV these days is just horrible. I love some of the old black and white movies and Mike and I sometimes watch the Discovery Channel and a few travel shows, but I'd much rather read any day. Where are the good shows like back in the old days? They weren't violent and seem so innocent compared to today's crass programming. You aren't missing much without a TV for sure.

Jen said...

Oh Lil! That is such an awesome article! What a proud mom you must be to have people say such cool things about your son. As for tv, we have Sky Angel, which really helps. We don't watch much except for Discovery Channel, preaching shows, some Hallmark channel movies, and some old shows like My Three Sons and Happy Days. There is so much garbage on network and cable that I can't stand to watch it. I agree with sure aren't missing much without a tv.