Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brushed two horses

I found two horses to practice on and they live only 15 minutes away!  Gary was super nice to let me brush both and he helped me with picking their hooves.  One was easy to work on his hooves and the other, the female, it was hard to do her back hooves.  Gary had to hold her back ones while I picked because she was sorta trying to kick and move her feet. You can't pick 'em if they're moving around.  He showed me how a farrier holds the hoof between his knees.  I didn't find it that comfortable so I held the front hooves next to me.  He reminded me to stand close to the horse so that if they get spooked and kick, they can't hurt you if you're standing close.  I don't wanna get kicked.  Many years ago, 35 years ago, my orthopedist told me if I ever broke my legs again I'd need metal rods in them.  I don't want that, for sure.  I must remember, stand close to the animals.

Cheyenne is a beautiful paint with brown spots.  She won Grand Champion is a horse show once.  She has a bad complexion says Gary.  I could tell that lots of dander came off of her when I brushed.  The other horse, Dundee, is a brown horse, a bay color almost, and he had no dandruff at all.  Interesting.  And Dundee had a finer coat that felt softer.  He's older. Cheyenne kept nibbling on Gary's wife.  She laughed and giggled.  It was really cute and their muzzles are oh so soft.  But then what happened next?  Cheyenne gave her a little nip.  A little nip from a horse smarts.  I haven't experienced it yet.  I have heard that you ought not let a horse mouth you because it's a bad habit.  It does tickle and feel soft, but horses do mutual grooming and a nip when you have a tough horse hide is of no consequence.  A people hide is soft though! 

I highly recommend Shutterfly for their photo books.  We got ours today and I gave it to Leah already.  She was right pleased with it.  I'm so happy I did it.  The photos turned out nicely - not too dark.  I wonder why all my photos were dark in that last calendar I made a couple years ago.  Next time I won't pick putting the photo on the right side of a page and text on left because the text is too close to the binding making it a little hard to read.  And one of my photos was in the wrong order.  I guess I didn't check it well enough that very last time.  I suppose it's best to leave it to the next day for one more, last review before buying.

I downloaded WordPress.  Ain't opened it yet.  I realized I need to get my other site transferred before I start playing with WordPress.  I downloaded Filezilla for FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and got that set up.  But I've published twice to my new domain and there still ain't nuthin' there.  Something in my settings is wrong.  I'm glad I have a few days before Geocities goes down to get this done.

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SchnauzerMom said...

Sounds like you're having a great time with the horses. My BIL raises horses.