Friday, October 02, 2009


Leah had to mend a fence at her ranch, so I didn't get to do any grooming.  Some other day.  Her boyfriend's ranch is close and that's where I went.  It's only 15 minutes from here so it's no big that she wasn't there.  Course, I was disappointed a little.  My stupid phone doesn't work very well and she called to cancel, but I didn't get the call.  I hate telephones.  I called my husband the other day and he didn't answer.  I called about five times before he picked up.  Today I called and he didn't pick up and I said, ferget it.  I ain't dialin' on this stinker again.  I have a recurrent dream of taking my cell phone, throwing it to the ground and jumping up and down on it.  Actually, it's a made up on purpose kind of dream.  Then I imagine myself grabbing other people's phones and throwing them on the ground and jumping up and down on their phones too.  Unlike my real self, I'm much more assertive in my imagination.  And then everyone says "Hooray, hooray," just like in Norma Rae, the movie that Sally Fields was in a long time ago.  But in the movie everyone was cheering because Norma Rae got carried off and married.  Or, no, I think that was in An Officer and a Gentleman.

I once considered setting up a blog that consisted of nothing but my made up imagination dreams. 

Leah  is a maintenance person for her job.  She does all the same work that the men do.  She's a tuff buff and I admire that she's in a nontraditional job for a woman.  She's my age or younger.  She's deeply tanned from working outside and her hands are working hands. 

The article about our son came out today.  We were all completely surprised.  We expected a brief blurb underneath a photo - and not until next week.  I can't believe it's a photo with an article.  A whole, entire, article!  I think I will put it up here tomorrow.  Maybe I forget sometimes that our life is not the usual, the norm.  I'm so used to us that I rarely give it much thought.  Perhaps I should appreciate life better.  My sister tells me I should.

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April said...

I hate phones too Lil. But I hate talking on them and calling on them as well. Mike usually picks up, but sometimes I want to stomp on my phone too, yesirree.

You do have a special life y'know. When I think of the things I have to do that you don't (go to work, get dressed up for work every day, drive to and from, clean house, etc. etc.) I always think you must be thrilled and ecstatic with your life because it appears (and I could be wrong!) that you have lotsa time to do what you please. But I do think we all get used to our lives after awhile, no matter what.

I can't wait to see the article. :)